Putting Your Personal Signature on Your Work

Your work. How much does it reflect who you are? Do you see your inimitable signature stamped on everything you complete? Do you share your personal style and flare with the world? It might not be as hard as it seems. Maybe you hand over that receipt with a smile and a wink. Maybe you [...]

5 Great Reasons to Be Fired

You’re Fired! In most cultures, this is a bone-chilling phrase… and I know that there are times when this is the absolute last thing you want to hear… …believe me, I know! But wait! Could there be more than a few times when it’s the best news possible? Here’s a list of 5 great reasons [...]

Winning at the Values and Lifestyle Game

Here we go with the 4th installment of Jeff’s Wisdom: Do you dislike your career or do you dislike the place you’re doing it at? For me, it was only the latter. And maybe that’s true for others. Sometimes its hard to separate the two. Even if I someday get tired of my position, I [...]

What’s your checklist?

Oprah Winfrey has created a new documentary series “Master Class” in which she interviews successful people and asks them to share their thoughts. Currently playing is Diane Sawyer. And here is one of her insights: “My dad, I still think, had the most beautiful, simple checklist for what you should do in life: Do something [...]

Choose Your Rock Carefully

Have you ever watched a sea otter sourcing his food? He has a rock that he places in the center of his chest, and then he pounds clams against the rock until the shell opens and he can eat the delicacy found inside. The sea otter’s rock is extremely important to him – he uses [...]

Go Get Your Gummy Worm

Do you use your most productive time of day for your most important work? If it’s true the early bird gets the worm, you might want to look closely at how many worms you’re getting (OK – let’s make them gummy worms. What’s your favorite flavor, by the way?) If your gummy worm stockpile is [...]

I Believe In You

I believe you have a deep desire to make a difference in the world. I believe you may be frustrated because you don’t know what that difference is.  I believe you might be worried you won’t find an opportunity to make that difference. I believe you have a gift to give.  I believe you came [...]

Take Dilbert's Word For It!

Here is “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams’s take on the importance of knowing what you’re good at…


Have you seen the movie “Up in the Air” with George Clooney? It touched me on a very deep level since it’s all about a man who fires people for a living. Listen here for a quick two minute story – inspired by a scene in the movie – about earning respect through the work [...]