I Believe In You

I believe you have a deep desire to make a difference in the world.

I believe you may be frustrated because you don’t know what that difference is.  I believe you might be worried you won’t find an opportunity to make that difference.

I believe you have a gift to give.  I believe you came here to give that gift — to somehow make the world a better place because you’ve been here.

I believe you do everything you can to give that gift, but sometimes it’s in the wrong situation.  You might not be appreciated for the gift you’re trying to give.

I believe you live a much more fun and rewarding life when you can articulate the gift, and find the right situations in which to give it.

I believe that your “gift” is the way you go about doing whatever it is that you do best.  You don’t have to be the best in the world at it. No need to be a virtuoso.  You give your gift by following your heart.

I believe your gift springs from a vision you hold deep inside.  You may not know why it’s important to you — it just IS important to you.

I believe you can and will discover your gift.  And when you do, you’ll give it joyfully and reap more rewards than you’ve ever thought possible.

I believe in you.

2 Responses to “I Believe In You”

  1. Thanks, Jen. I believe, too. I believe that you are an awesome coach., You encourage us to move forward with our dreams even when we are unsure of our steps and scared of our shadows. You urge us to step out with heads up and shoulders back and know that there is at least one person in the audience who believes in us. Her name is Coach Jen!

    Having a wonderful week, and hope you are as well!

  2. Georgia – it is sooooooo easy to believe in you!
    Thanks for believing in me!

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