The Self-Centered vs. Well-Centered Career

  I once took a career assessment that advised me to consider orienting my career choice around my lifestyle. What?  I was flabbergasted. I thought this was incredibly shallow. For me, it seemed to mean that how I wanted to live my life was more important than the contribution I wanted to make. It felt [...]

Should you compare yourself to others when making important decisions?

  Should you compare yourself to others when making important decisions? “I would start a blog about weight loss, but other people know more about it than me.” “I would create a walking tour of my city, but other people are already doing them.” “I would start my own business, but I know people who’ve [...]

Should You Be Able to Make 6-Figures Only Working 4 Hours a Week?

Should you be able to make 6-figures only working 4 hours a week? This is a surprising hot-button for a lot of people I meet. Several years ago, Tim Ferriss wrote a book called, The 4-Hour Workweek. His premise is that if we only did what only we can do and off-loaded the rest of [...]

The Death of Meaningful Work

I woke up in a slight panic at 3 am this morning. The questions running through my head were, “Has this down economy scared everyone so much that they’re abandoning their dream of doing meaningful work? Are we witnessing the slow death of meaningful work?” I know that seems alarmist (as do most thoughts at [...]

Are you missing 80% of the World of Work?

Remember when you were first learning to drive and the driver’s ed movie talked about taking in “The Big Picture?” It taught us to scan the whole world around us so that we wouldn’t miss anything (and potentially get in an accident.) When you’re driving, the last thing you want to wear is blinders. When [...]

Resume Reading Auto-Pilot

Have you ever been reading a book and suddenly realized that although your eyes have been moving the whole time, you haven’t really read any of the last two pages?  Somehow your brain went on reading “automatic pilot.”  If you care about what you’re reading, you’ll usually go back and re-read the section. I’ve been [...]

How’s Your Artist?

Feeling a little uninspired?  Not enough creative umph to get you through the day? When’s the last time you took your inner artist on a date? Years ago, I worked through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Artist Dates are one of the tools she recommends to help keep your creativity flowing. Simply choose a new [...]

My Career Epiphany

People have been asking me to share a bit about my own personal career epiphany. So here goes… I like to tell people that I “escaped professional misery” in 1997. But believe me, it was a long road getting there! After graduating from college, I struggled to find a professional job. Eventually, through a temporary [...]

You can’t win a new game playing by the old rules

Time and time again, as I’m teaching classes, I hear the frustration and desperation of countless talented people who simply can’t find a job playing by the old rules of job searching.  Wallpapering the town with dozens of resumes seems to yield few, if any, actual job interviews. It’s not that the work isn’t out [...]

Putting Your Dreams on Hold

Please read this blog post by Matt Cheuvront the next time you say something along the lines of, “Yeah, but, you have to be realistic!” Dare to be Bold *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Image: graur razvan ionut /