Choose Your Rock Carefully

Have you ever watched a sea otter sourcing his food?

He has a rock that he places in the center of his chest, and then he pounds clams against the rock until the shell opens and he can eat the delicacy found inside.

The sea otter’s rock is extremely important to him – he uses the same rock all his life.  He never loses track of it.  It’s HIS rock.

So what is as important to you as the rock is to the sea otter?

Around what do you orient your life?  What is it that you never lose track of – no matter what?

Does anyone else in your life know about it?  If I asked your best friend, what would she say?

Do you wear your “rock” on your chest?  If so, what is it?

One Response to “Choose Your Rock Carefully”

  1. Creativity! As I always say…My creativity has gotten me through times of no money better than money has gotten me through times of no creativity.

    Creativity is certain my rock on so many levels. And it has opened many a sweet wonderful clams (or door).

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