My 50th is Your Golden Opportunity

Before we get too much further, I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy 50th yesterday!  I had a fantastic day…a 3-hour spa package at DragonTree in Portland (my kids’ treated me!); lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant (Tara Thai on NW 23rd in Portland); Gourmet 1960s themed dinner including caviar, the perfect [...]

Should you compare yourself to others when making important decisions?

  Should you compare yourself to others when making important decisions? “I would start a blog about weight loss, but other people know more about it than me.” “I would create a walking tour of my city, but other people are already doing them.” “I would start my own business, but I know people who’ve [...]

Should You Be Able to Make 6-Figures Only Working 4 Hours a Week?

Should you be able to make 6-figures only working 4 hours a week? This is a surprising hot-button for a lot of people I meet. Several years ago, Tim Ferriss wrote a book called, The 4-Hour Workweek. His premise is that if we only did what only we can do and off-loaded the rest of [...]

Should You Turn Your Hobby Into a Career?

    Should you turn your hobby into a career? I get asked this a lot. Usually it’s because my client is worried that they will get sick of their hobby and it won’t be fun anymore. While this could be true, I think there’s usually more going on than this: 1) When you begin [...]

What’s Missing?

My guess is that you’re reading this post because something is off with your work-life. It may be just a tad off or you may be light years from where you thought you’d be. No matter what — you’re unhappy and know you need to make a change, but you aren’t sure how to go [...]

Definite vs. Indefinite

For most people, grammar is not something to think about as more than an abstract concept, something we’re vaguely aware of but don’t really pay attention to.  But what many people take for granted is how important are the sneaky little rules and idiosyncrasies inherent in the structure of our everyday language. I know you’re [...]

Break Free!

I teach a class that is designed to inform students of the latest employment trends and the up and coming small and large companies in Portland, OR. Each term, I dutifully bring pages of data culled from various web sites that cite the latest employment news. A funny thing happens about 1/3 of the way [...]

Resume Reading Auto-Pilot

Have you ever been reading a book and suddenly realized that although your eyes have been moving the whole time, you haven’t really read any of the last two pages?  Somehow your brain went on reading “automatic pilot.”  If you care about what you’re reading, you’ll usually go back and re-read the section. I’ve been [...]

How’s Your Artist?

Feeling a little uninspired?  Not enough creative umph to get you through the day? When’s the last time you took your inner artist on a date? Years ago, I worked through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Artist Dates are one of the tools she recommends to help keep your creativity flowing. Simply choose a new [...]

Is Your Resume Making You a Pest?

Do you ever think of yourself as being a pest? A lot of human resources professionals do. Does that sound harsh? Well, let me explain… If it were your job to review 15,000 resumes a week – would you think resumes were a device for screening people into jobs or out of them? Granted, most [...]