The Death of Meaningful Work

I woke up in a slight panic at 3 am this morning. The questions running through my head were, “Has this down economy scared everyone so much that they’re abandoning their dream of doing meaningful work? Are we witnessing the slow death of meaningful work?” I know that seems alarmist (as do most thoughts at [...]

You can’t win a new game playing by the old rules

Time and time again, as I’m teaching classes, I hear the frustration and desperation of countless talented people who simply can’t find a job playing by the old rules of job searching.  Wallpapering the town with dozens of resumes seems to yield few, if any, actual job interviews. It’s not that the work isn’t out [...]

Your Gift

The world needs your gift – go out and give it! That’s been my mantra for “my people” for quite a while now. What does it really mean? Your “gift” is what you do to create the change you wish to see in the world. Which begs the question… Do you know the change you [...]

Unskilled Ain’t What It Used To Be

How do you stand out from the crowd and create more job security? Seth Godin has a pretty great starting point to consider: Unskilled Labor *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Today’s anonymous image provided by: Grauer Razvan

Who Do You Spend the Most Time With?

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn asserts that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Over the course of a 40-year career, you will spend approximately 100,000 hours working. An argument could be made that the people you work with are the very folks who are building your character. Do [...]

Are You Happy Zagging?

Are you job-seeking? If so, are you following the conventional job search advice that you find online? Might want to re-think this approach. If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, then you’re not standing out in the crowd. How will you ever be seen for the incredible asset that you are? Consider the merits [...]

Can you train yourself to get good ideas?

Every day, my friend Kurt requires himself to come up with a good idea for a new product or service. He’s not self-employed, and his good idea doesn’t even have to relate to his current job. He’s actually just training himself to have good ideas all the time. It’s kinda like going to the gym [...]

Sitting on a Goldmine

Do you realize that you are sitting on a goldmine? You are talented. You are passionate. You have a way with people. No one else sees the world the same way you do. You are a unique blend of experiences, training and influences. You have great, original ideas. You have a gift to give the [...]

Putting Your Personal Signature on Your Work

Your work. How much does it reflect who you are? Do you see your inimitable signature stamped on everything you complete? Do you share your personal style and flare with the world? It might not be as hard as it seems. Maybe you hand over that receipt with a smile and a wink. Maybe you [...]

Winning at the Values and Lifestyle Game

Here we go with the 4th installment of Jeff’s Wisdom: Do you dislike your career or do you dislike the place you’re doing it at? For me, it was only the latter. And maybe that’s true for others. Sometimes its hard to separate the two. Even if I someday get tired of my position, I [...]