Go Get Your Gummy Worm

Do you use your most productive time of day for your most important work?

If it’s true the early bird gets the worm, you might want to look closely at how many worms you’re getting (OK – let’s make them gummy worms. What’s your favorite flavor, by the way?)

If your gummy worm stockpile is getting a little low, it could be that you’re trading in good for great…getting stuff done that it’s good to get done, but maybe not jumping into the truly great stuff.

It’s tempting to bask in the feeling of completion – accomplishing things for the sake of accomplishment – but the real reward comes from diving into what matters and challenging yourself to make it remarkable.

C’mon – choose your favorite flavor of gummy worm and go grab it!


Today’s Chipper Image:

Image: Paul Brentnall / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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