Do You Have Something to Hide?

What if they suddenly took away the blind carbon copy function in email? What would people do? When you use the BCC option, it means you’ve got something to hide from someone.  You’re not being straightforward.  Not standing up and being fully counted. One thing I’ve learned as a coach is that whatever you need [...]

April is National Frog Month – Naturally, I want to have a Contest

I’m embarrassed to say that until another coach pointed it out, I didn’t realize it was National Frog Month! Obviously, given our mascot, this can’t go uncelebrated!!!! Get excited kids…we’re having a contest! Here’s a little history… A while ago, I held another contest asking people to guess the mystery food in the pot. I [...]

Go Get Your Gummy Worm

Do you use your most productive time of day for your most important work? If it’s true the early bird gets the worm, you might want to look closely at how many worms you’re getting (OK – let’s make them gummy worms. What’s your favorite flavor, by the way?) If your gummy worm stockpile is [...]

Use IT or Lose IT

What the heck is IT? IT could be anything… Your talent.  Your abdominal muscles.  Your intuition. Your relationship. The veggies in your refrigerator. When you don’t actively use an asset, IT diminishes. To the point of becoming unrecognizable. So – what do you need to use or face losing? Be honest…because the truth is that [...]

Do You Need A Creativity Booster Shot?

When I was a kid I dreaded going to the doctor for one simple reason: It always seemed like I needed a shot for something.  The worst were the ones they gave in the “hip.”  Sadists. The last shot I received was tetanus after a car accident.  Even though the accident was pretty gnarly – [...]

Keep Your Sunny Side Up

Is Optimism Always a Positive? I have to admit it. Whenever I get an exciting idea which leads to a great new project – I always expect it to be a stellar success. Well, the reality is that a lot of the things I’ve tried have bombed.  Sometimes spectacularly. Does that mean I shouldn’t be [...]