Your Dream: DOA!?!?!

Imagine yourself rolling on a really great daydream about something – anything – that you’d like to be doing.

You are totally lost in space – picturing yourself dipping in a romantic tango or standing on the top of Kilimanjaro raising a triumphant fist to the sky or racing through the halls of an ER yelling “Stat!” at everyone you see.

And then suddenly – eeeerrrrrrrrtttttt – on go the brakes! You crash down into “reality” and slump your way off to go do whatever it was you were starting to do (something really important like getting a cup of coffee or letting the dog out for the hundredth time today) when you “accidentally” daydreamed.

I’ve been career coaching people for the last dozen years, and I’ve seen this way too often. It’s a really weird phenomenon that affects most people…and you don’t even know it’s happening.

The minute you listen to your heart – start dreaming even just a little – this big “fist of rationality” comes crashing down and crushes you — instantly – et voila – your dream: DOA!

Do me a favor: Fight back! Let your dream have it’s say. That “fist of rationality” is just a way of protecting yourself. But you don’t need that kind of protection because nothing’s really at stake yet. If you can just let your dream out into the light of day – all envisioned and sparkling and thriving – that’s when you can go back to that rational mind of yours and ask it a single, important question:

“How can I make this happen?”

And yes – that’s the only question that needs answering.

Because then you really will be on top of Kilimanjaro — waving that “triumphant fist” to the sky…

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