What’s the Antidote to Boredom and Apathy?

Have you written down what you want to experience and/or achieve with the time you have left?

I met with a 16-year-old last week who mentioned that she has a bucket list! At 16 !!!

Some people might feel a bucket list is a bit pessimistic (since it’s acknowledging your eventual death) but I think just the opposite.

How incredibly life-affirming to take the time to sit and make a list of what fascinates you about this great big world and this great big thing we call life…

There are 7 continents, how many have you stepped on?
Have you ever tasted Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon? A New York style pizza? How about Chicago Style?
Have you dipped your toes into an alpine stream?
Touched the same soil as the ancient philosophers?
Cheered on an Olympic Skater as he rounds the bend?
Played with a pound puppy?
Gone to a movie premiere?

A bucket list is an antidote to the worst of all human conditions – boredom and apathy…which just might be the two biggest dreamkillers. Makes a good case for not only creating your bucket list – but taking action on one of the items, like, right now!

So, what’s on your bucket list?

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