What’s Missing?


My guess is that you’re reading this post because something is off with your work-life.

It may be just a tad off or you may be light years from where you thought you’d be. No matter what — you’re unhappy and know you need to make a change, but you aren’t sure how to go about doing it or even what direction to take.

At the same time, you’re questioning whether it’s wise, given today’s unstable economy, to contemplate making a career move. All you have to do is check the online news sources (formerly known as reading the paper) and you can gather all the evidence you need that the world of work is a pretty nasty place, especially for…

…People who are new graduates with no work experience…and people who are no longer in their 20s…and people who are returning to the workforce after an absence…and people who are no longer in their 30s…and people who are being laid off…and people who are no longer in their 40s…and people who are being forced to retire before they want to…and people who are no longer in their 50s…

Hang on! Let’s catch our breath.

Yes, it’s a competitive career market. And no, you may not have the kind of resume that compels employers to roll out the red carpet and woo you into their corporate inner sanctum.

But the bottom-line remains the same: you’re unhappy. And you simply can’t continue on in the same way.

Why? Because something is warning you that what you’ve been doing is no longer working (if it ever really was.)

The old approach to making a career choice is about:

• Doing whatever it takes to make the most money
• Following trends – the fields that are expected to grow
• Following in someone’s footsteps
• Doing what someone else thinks is best for you
• Taking any job that pays the bills
• Picking a job that allows you to use your talent or your education, or fits in with family commitments, but doesn’t consider anything else that is important to you

Can you spot what’s missing from this list? Any mention of fulfillment, meaning or contribution.

If you’re just not feeling your work anymore, chances are good that it’s missing one or more of these three things.

(Excerpted from my upcoming book Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom)
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