What Would Rocky Do?

Have you ever wanted to learn to speed walk?

Me neither.  I’ve been an avid walker since I was about 11 years old, and always thought I was just fine at my usual snail’s pace. Apparently not, because a few years ago, a friend of mine decides I need to learn to walk faster in order to burn more calories.

We start off on a downhill, which is good. A little help from gravity is often a fine thing.

Before you know it, though – we come to an uphill climb.

I begin to drop back.

My friend slows down and says, “Put the pedal to the metal!”

“What?”  I ask incredulously.

“We’re on an uphill!  You have to push harder, not take it easier!”

I guess I am a little embarrassed.  I must have always been using the uphills as a time to take it a little easier in life.

We’re in an uphill economy right now.  Lots of people seem to be taking it a little easier by using “the economy” as an excuse to not try as hard to make challenging things happen.

Well, I’m taking my speed-walking friend’s advice!  I’m putting on the gas and chugging to the top of the hill just as fast as I get to the bottom of hills.

Yes, I might get out of breath.  Yes, I will have to deal with uncertainty.  But anything’s better than falling behind because of something I can’t control.

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