The Weakest Reason to Choose a Career

I was recently challenged to write about a strong belief, one that isn’t necessarily shared by the people closest to me, and talk about how I “walk the talk” of this belief.  Here goes…

I believe that creating financial security is the weakest reason to choose a job or a career.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan of financial security — but I believe it should follow, not lead the way.
In the name of money, far too many people miss the opportunity to make THE difference they want to make in the world and to experience extreme satisfaction and personal fulfillment.
I believe we should plant ourselves where we will bloom, and then harvest the fruits of our loving labor.

Because I believe this so strongly, I personally spent years on the path to discovering my perfect work.  I wish I hadn’t taken so long to get help — because it was when I finally hired a career consultant that I had my epiphany.  After years of waking up each morning and dreading going to work, I’ve now spent the last 13 getting up effortlessly, diving into my workday and creating, creating, creating.


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2 Responses to “The Weakest Reason to Choose a Career”

  1. Perfect! I believe… and am starting to walk the talk… Taking it as it comes, but spending my day creating, loving and living…

    Love you, Jen….


  2. Thanks Georgia – you are a wonderful example of someone who walks her talk! Love you, too!

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