Secrets of Interviewing: How to Stay Calm

Do you get nervous before, during and sometimes after an interview?

Here are a few tips to help you stay calm:

1)  Remember to breathe…

Studies show that when people are nervous or anxious, they tend to hold their breath.  This can lead to feeling light-headed, nauseous and confused.  Start practicing some simple breathing techniques now, so that you’ll be ready when it’s time for an interview.

2)  A little exercise goes a long way…

It’s not just about getting in shape or losing weight.  Regular exercise alters your physiological responses to stressful situations. If you’ve thought about getting into some kind of regular exercise routine to better manage stress (and for most people, interviewing is really stressful!), yoga is a great choice.

3)  Stay hydrated…

A wide array of side-effects are attributed to not staying hydrated, among them: increased heart rate, nausea, and headaches. None of these bode well for the interview process.  Be sure to drink lots of water (6-8 glasses) each day so that you don’t end up compounding your stress with unnecessary physical discomfort.

The great thing about these three tips is that they don’t have to take up a lot of your time.  So no excuses – get started now!  You’ll be glad you did when you’re in the middle of interviewing for your golden opportunity…

How do you stay calm in an interview?


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