Recession-Proof Your Career

Think it’s possible to design your career so that you never again have to worry about being out of work?

Here is a basic plan for doing just that…

  • Who do you think you are?  That’s right!  You gotta find out!  Take the time to discover your values, interests, preferences, talents and knowledge.  The intersection of these 5 roads is the bulls-eye for your perfect work.
  • Are you a market detective?  You better become one!  Once you know your field of interest, you need to find out the entire inside scoop: who’s who, what company’s what, trends and cycles.
  • Ready to throw away your resume?  I’m not kidding…the only time you should put together a resume is when you already have the job and it’s just a formality.  When you are connected to who’s who (see market detective above) in your field, they will actively seek you out to fill exciting new opportunities.
  • How good are you at getting advice?  Most of us like to give it – but how eager are you to get it?  When you begin to strategically meet with people to get their advice about your latest professional endeavors, they become invested in your success.  What could be better than that?

You might think this is a one-time process, especially the first bullet point.  I recommend you engage in this process on an annual basis.  Why?  Because you never know what might happen that will change the dynamics of your industry.  When you are in a constant process of evaluating your talents, interests, etc.  you stay in touch with where you’re heading next.  Et Voila!  You have recession-proofed your career.



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