No job lasts forever…

It’s an undeniable truth!

Gone are the days when people stayed in the same job for their entire career.  No more retirement parties.  No more gold watches. No more speeches about 40 years of service.

Thank goodness!

It’s tempting to think that financial security can be found in some job, working for some company in some town.

I don’t think there’s much security in situations that can change instantly and unexpectedly because of someone else’s arbitrary decision.

The only true security comes from within.  When you have a clear vision of where you’re heading – the career and the life that you want to have – you are in charge of it all.

First you have to gain clarity, then you have to choose a strategy, and then you have to persist and persist and persist until it happens.

But even then, it’s temporary.  Because in the process, you will have evolved and grown and learned.

And the best news of all:  there’s always something else – something even better – on the horizon.  You just have to embrace it.

3 Responses to “No job lasts forever…”

  1. I love the LOGO….

  2. Thanks Anissa! I love it, too.
    My designer is Marc Altman

  3. Jen – You know how I feel about this topic – it is the absolute truth. We are moving into an project by project employment situation, and each of us needs to be prepared to manage our own careers. It’s fortunate there are coaches out there who can help

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