Keep Your Sunny Side Up

Is Optimism Always a Positive?

I have to admit it.

Whenever I get an exciting idea which leads to a great new project – I always expect it to be a stellar success.

Well, the reality is that a lot of the things I’ve tried have bombed. ¬†Sometimes spectacularly.

Does that mean I shouldn’t be optimistic when I start a new project?

What about you?  Does your optimism take you where you want to go?

One Response to “Keep Your Sunny Side Up”

  1. Optimism can take you anywhere!
    For me, I have always been a firm believer in things happen for a reason. When a project bombs or something in my life doesn’t work out, I honor that this is probably not the right direction, I need more knowledge/research, or even the timing maybe off. This perspective pushed me to continue keeping my eyes and heart open to what opportunities come next.

    thanks, Lisa

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