Does Money Make You Stupid?

Have you ever stopped to think about just how many of your decisions are based on financial considerations?

Here’s a quick experiment:  spend one day noticing how often you make a choice after considering how much it would cost, save or make you…

Why does this matter?

Well, I’ll go out on a limb and say that I don’t think money is the best criteria for making most decisions.  I think we default to it, probably because it’s so measurable.  So black-and-white.  It seems so rational.  So justifiable.  Anyone will understand your decision if you can show them how it makes sense financially.


…how many incredible career opportunities do we miss because we “use” money as the main decision point?

…how often do we use “no money” (and my other favorite, “no time’) as an excuse not to stretch ourselves professionally?

…how often do we miss out on great experiences because our only measure of success is the financial outcome?

I happen to know that the readers of this blog are really smart people.  But when we fall into the trap of making decisions based only on money, well… it’s almost like money makes us stupid!

What do you think???


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One Response to “Does Money Make You Stupid?”

  1. I’ve made decisions based on finance and regretted it. I feel it was a distraction vs. a total act of stupidity though. I’ve been working through re-setting this measurement so that my current/future choices and actions are more balanced.

    I think alot of my $$$ perspective comes from being raised by parents that lived through the Great Depression.

    Thanks for raising the topic – good thought stuff

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