Do You Have Something to Hide?

What if they suddenly took away the blind carbon copy function in email? What would people do?

When you use the BCC option, it means you’ve got something to hide from someone.  You’re not being straightforward.  Not standing up and being fully counted.

One thing I’ve learned as a coach is that whatever you need to say to someone, you can find a way to say it that’s in integrity and takes their feelings into account.

Would the world be a better place if people just laid their agenda on the table?

I think there would be a lot less manipulation, hurt feelings, over-reaction and miscellaneous mayhem and chaos.

And while miscellaneous mayhem and chaos can be interesting, it’s usually just a way to avoid doing something meaningful and challenging.

What do you say?  Are you ready to take the “BCC-Free World” challenge?

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One Response to “Do You Have Something to Hide?”

  1. I agree – for the most part. However …. (like how I say “however” instead of “but” ;-) …. I will sometimes use a bcc on email when I am promoting someone as a referral to another. I want the one being referred to see how they were promoted and to also get a general feel for the new potential client. As I am writing this “however” I can see that perhaps it is just that I’m too lazy to forward it later to the one I am referring.

    Okay Okay – I agree. Are you going to make me sign a BCC Free Zone Pledge (like Oprah’s Text Free Zone Pledge)?

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