How much of your day is spent doing things you don’t want to be doing?

What would your life be like if you never again did anything you don’t want to do?

A couple of big questions, I know.

Most people tend to defend themselves by saying that there are always things we don’t want to do in life – but we have to do them anyway. I wonder about that.

Maybe the most important thing is to get to the heart of why you’re doing something, and then figure out if you truly are the only person who can do it. This might show you that you really do want to be doing it. For example — going to the dentist. No one can go to the dentist for you. And maybe you think you don’t want to go. But if you really do want healthy teeth, then you do want to go to the dentist.

The big idea here is that if there are things that you want and something needs to be done about it, but you don’t want to be the person doing it, figure out if someone else could be doing it and have them do it.

Repeat this process until you never again do anything you truly don’t want to do.

That was easy!


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