Break Free!

I teach a class that is designed to inform students of the latest employment trends and the up and coming small and large companies in Portland, OR.

Each term, I dutifully bring pages of data culled from various web sites that cite the latest employment news.

A funny thing happens about 1/3 of the way into the class.  The students begin to realize that they have no interest in, or affinity with, the growing industries.


I like to visualize my students instantly breaking free from the throngs of career-seekers who bet their future happiness on something as arbitrary as a need for more health-care workers to provide services to the aging baby-boomer population.

Because whenever enough people flock to a particular profession, the market becomes flooded with qualified applicants and suddenly the hot new career is now a bust.

And it’s back to the drawing board, which looks a lot like another unwanted career change.

It’s far better to do the inner-work of discovering your perfect career sooner, rather than later!

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