April is National Frog Month – Naturally, I want to have a Contest

I’m embarrassed to say that until another coach pointed it out, I didn’t realize it was National Frog Month!

Obviously, given our mascot, this can’t go uncelebrated!!!!

Get excited kids…we’re having a contest!

Here’s a little history…

A while ago, I held another contest asking people to guess the mystery food in the pot.

I got one super-creative response, but when I offered her the prize (Seth Godin’s Linchpin) she requested that I instead hold another fun contest and award the book to the winner.

OK Coach Kathi, here we go……

In honor of National Frog Month, I feel we really ought to name our Mascot!

He’s currently called Mr. Froggy — shockingly unoriginal…

He’s a hardworking, fun-loving and clever amphibian (after all, he’s clearly climbing out of the pot!)  He needs a spiffy name!

What’ll it be?

Submit your ideas via comment below.  In a very undemocratic way, I will choose the winner!  Please try to make it hard for me…

Oh, and if you’re wondering why he’s the official Career Epiphany mascot, read about it here.

Ready, set, go!

4 Responses to “April is National Frog Month – Naturally, I want to have a Contest”

  1. Springer

    : )

  2. Tastes like chicken

  3. Lessee….

    The Frogfather
    Seth Frogin
    Sir Frogalot
    Purple Frog
    Filbo Froggins
    Leap Frog
    Ribbit King
    Ribbit the Frog
    Frank Frognatra
    Frogak Frogama

  4. Noah…. short for Noah Air Toogo

    now say it slowly

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