My 50th is Your Golden Opportunity


Before we get too much further, I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy 50th yesterday! 

I had a fantastic day…a 3-hour spa package at DragonTree in Portland (my kids’ treated me!); lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant (Tara Thai on NW 23rd in Portland); Gourmet 1960s themed dinner including caviar, the perfect grilled ribeye and cherries jubilee for dessert (much better to blow out one flaming pan of cherries than to lose consciousness blowing out 50 candles!); and finally a Beatles Dance Party in my own living room (my 3yo Grandson was hilarious!)

And Now! Drum Roll Please…

My 50th=50% Savings

Just for You!

Are you ready to have your very own Career Epiphany?  Ready to finally get the solid career direction you’ve been longing for?

If you have been disillusioned by your career, I know how you feel! And I also know that you really can find work that will be meaningful and have you laying your head on the pillow every night – grateful that you spent your day making a very special difference in the world.

I really want this for you, and I have to be honest…I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to work with you individually, or in small groups.

As you may know, my first book is about to be published.  Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom: How to turn what makes you unique into a meaningful and lucrative career, will be released on Amazon on October 8th.  The pre-release reviews have been terrific – which makes me so happy! (#1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Marci Shimoff, wrote an endorsement for me!!)

What does this mean to you:  well, my business is about to get really busy.  That’s good news – because it means I will be able to help more people find the work they were born to do.  But the group sizes will be getting much bigger, and the price of working with me privately will be a lot higher.

Because you’ve been one of my students, and really loyal all these years, I want to treat you with respect.  I am offering this to you first.

My 50th = 50% Savings – just for you!

You can create the career of your dreams by completing my hugely popular and unbelievably effective program - Career Epiphany: 8 Weeks to a Crystal Clear Direction - for half the normal price!

If you are ready – and want personal attention and guidance from me - and want tosave a bundle -  – don’t wait!  I am happy to talk this over with you, to be sure it’s a good fit. After all, I have a 100% success rate with this program, and I want you to be sure this is right for you. To talk things over - Apply right now!!  I can only keep this offer open to you for the next 72 hours.

Here’s the link to the application:  Apply Now! 

Remember:  The World Needs Your Gift!  Go Out and Give It!

I believe in you -


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