I Got the "No Time / No Money" Bluuuuuuuessssss

Do you ever sing this tune?

I bet you do.  Think about a time or two when you’ve been presented with an opportunity, and you say “Gee, I’d really, really  like to do whatever it is,” but then you say, “I don’t have the money,” or, “I don’t have the time.”

But is that really true?

Help me settle a dispute I’m having with one of my best friends.

I believe that if there’s something you really, really, really want to do – you find a way to do it.  You find the time, you find the money.

He-who-shall-remain-nameless says, “Nope! There are a lot of things I would do if I had the time or the money…”

What do you think?

4 Responses to “I Got the "No Time / No Money" Bluuuuuuuessssss”

  1. I’m with you – if there is something I want to do I find a way!!! :)

  2. It all comes down to a matter of priority. The thinking of not having enough time or money simply means that the item or event in question does not have a high enough level of priority. The question should be more why an individual does not place a high enough priority on a specific item or event. My experience tells me that individuals that get stubborn about the topic do not have a high priority and would indulge only if there were no strings attached. That is my opinion and experience at least.

  3. Is it okay to agree with both arguments?? Ha! I’ve been on both sides. There have been things I REALLY wanted to do, and so I found a way to make it happen. There have also been things I really, really wanted to do…..and it just wasn’t in the cards or in the budget. And then – and I am speaking strictly for myself – I have completely used “no time, no money” as an excuse NOT to do something that I just didn’t want to do. I guess that’s three arguments. I think it also depends on what the “thing” is that you want to do.

  4. I don’t know about your friend, but I think it can totally be the case that money is an issue. Time I don’t agree.

    Time is something you have in abundance. You start with the most possible. You cannot get more time. You choose where to spend that time.

    Money on the other hand, you generally have to earn. You can make more money to get what you want but that comes at a price.

    So, I think it comes down to priorities. I would like to spend time with my family instead of work 2 jobs to get something I don’t absolutely need.

    if I could not live without buying this thing, then I would make it happen. If I can live but be miserable, that is a choice I make.

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