Are You Only Awesome if You Win?

Sniff, sniff…

This Saturday, my beloved Kansas Jayhawks lost in the second round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Widely touted as being the best team in the entire country – they fell to a little-known school just a little further North — the University of Northern Iowa.

Ah – but does one game decide whether they are as awesome as everyone thought?

Or is it the 33 previous wins of this season?

I talk with a lot of people about making the leap to work they’ll love.  One of their most common fears is that they won’t succeed.

Well, maybe.  But is that what the game is about?  Success?  And how are we defining “success?”

I think that failure to achieve a specific objective is the worst measure of success.  A better measure might be the heart and soul put into the effort…

What do you think?

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