5 Great Reasons to Be Fired

You’re Fired! In most cultures, this is a bone-chilling phrase… and I know that there are times when this is the absolute last thing you want to hear… …believe me, I know! But wait! Could there be more than a few times when it’s the best news possible? Here’s a list of 5 great reasons [...]

What’s the Antidote to Boredom and Apathy?

Have you written down what you want to experience and/or achieve with the time you have left? I met with a 16-year-old last week who mentioned that she has a bucket list! At 16 !!! Some people might feel a bucket list is a bit pessimistic (since it’s acknowledging your eventual death) but I think [...]

Winning at the Values and Lifestyle Game

Here we go with the 4th installment of Jeff’s Wisdom: Do you dislike your career or do you dislike the place you’re doing it at? For me, it was only the latter. And maybe that’s true for others. Sometimes its hard to separate the two. Even if I someday get tired of my position, I [...]

Are You Too Chicken to Be Resolute?

Why do New Year’s Resolutions get such a bad rap? Everywhere I look it seems I see someone putting the kibosh on setting resolutions. If they’re a bad idea, why did they get started in the first place? Here’s what I think: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting resolutions. Personally, I love the whole idea [...]

Where Do You Belong?

Communities, clubs, groups, tribes, associations, Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter… Where do you belong and what does it say about you? It’s a rare person who doesn’t find themselves linked, by common interest, to a formally organized group of individuals. How many do you belong to? Did you choose them, or did they choose you? Do they [...]

Does Money Make You Stupid?

Have you ever stopped to think about just how many of your decisions are based on financial considerations? Here’s a quick experiment:  spend one day noticing how often you make a choice after considering how much it would cost, save or make you… Why does this matter? Well, I’ll go out on a limb and [...]

Choose Your Rock Carefully

Have you ever watched a sea otter sourcing his food? He has a rock that he places in the center of his chest, and then he pounds clams against the rock until the shell opens and he can eat the delicacy found inside. The sea otter’s rock is extremely important to him – he uses [...]

The Hidden Value in Spending Money

Whether it’s your career, a spouse, a house or where to live… what is, hands down, the best thing you can base any decision on? Your very own unique set of core values, of course! Makes it kind of imperative to figure out your values, doesn’t it? So what are core values? Simply put, your [...]

Do You Have Something to Hide?

What if they suddenly took away the blind carbon copy function in email? What would people do? When you use the BCC option, it means you’ve got something to hide from someone.  You’re not being straightforward.  Not standing up and being fully counted. One thing I’ve learned as a coach is that whatever you need [...]

Go Get Your Gummy Worm

Do you use your most productive time of day for your most important work? If it’s true the early bird gets the worm, you might want to look closely at how many worms you’re getting (OK – let’s make them gummy worms. What’s your favorite flavor, by the way?) If your gummy worm stockpile is [...]