The Great Hobby/Talent Debate

Do you have a hobby? Something that you do in your leisure time for pleasure? Have you ever thought about making money from it? A lot of people worry that if they turn their hobby into a way to make a living, they will begin to hate their hobby. Very possible. Here’s what I think: [...]

Take Dilbert's Word For It!

Here is “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams’s take on the importance of knowing what you’re good at…


Have you seen the movie “Up in the Air” with George Clooney? It touched me on a very deep level since it’s all about a man who fires people for a living. Listen here for a quick two minute story – inspired by a scene in the movie – about earning respect through the work [...]

Talent Is No Laughing Matter — Or Is It?

Is it possible to make a living using your talent – no matter what that talent might be? Hmmm…take a listen (it’s less than two minutes) ¬†and tell us what you think… Talent Is No Laughing Matter — Or Is It?