Are Interview Question Books Outdated?

Here we go with round 3 of Jeff’s job-change insights: Interview question books are outdated. In my opinion, it’s far more important to think about the THOUGHT PROCESS the way you work daily, not so much memorizing 100 potential interview questions. What are your motivations? Why did you complete that project the way you did? [...]

Do You Stay In Touch?

Ready for some more real-world feedback from Jeff? Here’s round 2: I was able to get an informational interview with the hiring manager months before the job posted. It was a low-pressure way to find out more about the position and company. After that, I made it a point to stay in touch with her. [...]

Yes, It’s True. It’s All About Who You Know…

Could you use a little real-world feedback  from someone who’s succeeded at making the leap to a job he loves? Meet Jeff.  A while back, he attended my series of career classes at Portland Community College. Just before the holidays, I sent him an email –  checking in to see how things were going. Here’s [...]

Secrets of Interviewing: 3 Great Perspectives

Raise your hand if you love interviewing! That’s what I thought!  Not many hands up… Here are a few secrets that can help you shift from despising to enjoying the interview process: 1)  Interviewing is a 2-way street… That’s right – it’s not just them evaluating you – you’re evaluating them as well.  They have [...]

Do You Have Something to Hide?

What if they suddenly took away the blind carbon copy function in email? What would people do? When you use the BCC option, it means you’ve got something to hide from someone.  You’re not being straightforward.  Not standing up and being fully counted. One thing I’ve learned as a coach is that whatever you need [...]

Do You Need A Creativity Booster Shot?

When I was a kid I dreaded going to the doctor for one simple reason: It always seemed like I needed a shot for something.  The worst were the ones they gave in the “hip.”  Sadists. The last shot I received was tetanus after a car accident.  Even though the accident was pretty gnarly – [...]

What did your forehead ever do to you?!?!

I’m a career coach, not a medic! This coming Monday, I’m attempting to rescue a bunch of perfectly wonderful, capable, and talented folks. I’m convinced they’re beating their heads against a brick wall. And someone has to stop them!  Those poor foreheads – oh the humanity!! I’ve been asked to make a presentation on how to [...]

Take Dilbert's Word For It!

Here is “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams’s take on the importance of knowing what you’re good at…

Sometimes "You're Out!" — Even When You're Playing it Safe!

When I was a kid I loved playing softball. My Dad taught me to “anticipate the play.” To try to figure out what I would do in any given situation on the field. If the ball came to me, would I throw it to first? Depended on whether runners were on any of the other [...]

Who Pushes You to be More?

Do you have anyone in your life who pushes you to be more? In a world full of people who are in a “people-pleasing” stage, it’s easy to get complacent and settle for being good enough. Time to trade “good enough” for being “truly great!” How do you get there? By finding at least one [...]