Yes, It’s True. It’s All About Who You Know…

Could you use a little real-world feedback  from someone who’s succeeded at making the leap to a job he loves?

Meet Jeff.  A while back, he attended my series of career classes at Portland Community College.

Just before the holidays, I sent him an email –  checking in to see how things were going.

Here’s what he wrote back…

Funny…I was just thinking about your class the other day! So, I have some great news. I recently began a new journey in my career… Here are a few thoughts on the entire job seeking process:

-Networking. Yes, it’s true. It’s all about who you know. It all started with a friend, just asking her how she liked working at C.S. Then, by chance, she knew of a job opening in a few months.”

Hmmm…I wonder if it really was by chance?  Or did Jeff open the door to this possibility by being willing to talk to his friend and get some advice.

What do you think?

Stay tuned for three more parts to Jeff’s feedback….


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