Why the World Needs Your Gift

It’s hardly a big secret: The world is changing rapidly.  Not just the world of work – but the entire world.

For example: just 15 years ago, the internet was an unknown quantity to most of us.  Today, most of us organize our worklife – in fact, our life in general – around this ubiquitous, invisible, behemoth.

Couple this with the fact that we are becoming far more globally-oriented than local-minded, and you can see that the old adage, “Adapt or Die!” may be more imperative now than ever before.

And this is all great news!!!!

Never before has it been so important, or in some ways easier, to make the difference that you most want to make in the world.

Whenever there’s a major upheaval, there is chaos and fear and overwhelm.  New problems develop that have to be solved.  And that’s where you come into the picture…because you are a unique blend of talents, interests and values (and a bunch of other important things) you have the power to solve those problems.  You have the opportunity to give your unique gift to the world.


Image: Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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