The Self-Centered vs. Well-Centered Career

Wishing Well


I once took a career assessment that advised me to consider orienting my career choice around my lifestyle.

What?  I was flabbergasted. I thought this was incredibly shallow. For me, it seemed to mean that how I wanted to live my life was more important than the contribution I wanted to make. It felt materialistic, soul-less, and, dare I say it? Self-Centered.

It took a while for the real truth of this to sink in. And it has actually ended up guiding my career choices – but not in the way I expected.

I realized that, yes, I cared about my whole life, not just my career. Yes, I had goals set in other areas beyond my work. Yes, it mattered to me how many hours I worked each day. Yes, it mattered to me what my work environment was like, and whom the people were that I was working with and for.

The truth revealed by all of this was (and is) that I have distinct preferences. And you do, too.

And it doesn’t mean we’re shallow or self-centered. It means we’re seeking balance and to be well-centered.

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