The Hidden Value in Spending Money

Whether it’s your career, a spouse, a house or where to live…
what is, hands down, the best thing you can base any decision on?

Your very own unique set of core values, of course!

Makes it kind of imperative to figure out your values, doesn’t it?

So what are core values?
Simply put, your core values are the things you find valuable in life.

In my career coaching programs,
I dedicate quite a bit of time to helping people
discover their core values.

The truth is – your values are always on display –
like your heart, you wear them on your sleeve…maybe literally…

“People value what they pay for, and pay for what they value.”
When I heard this in a class last night, it made me stop and think.

If this is true, then we should be able to discern what we find valuable in life
simply by examining what we spend our money on and asking ourselves a simple question:
“What’s the real value of this for me?”

What are you wearing right now? Why did you buy it?
What’s the real value you were expressing when you chose to buy it?
Comfort? Style? Color? Practicality? Luxury?

When you know what you value in life, it makes it easier to make decisions.
And those decisions are much more fulfilling when they’re based on your most important values.

The next time you choose not to spend money on something – you might just need to admit that you don’t see the value in it. And leave it at that!

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