The Great Hobby/Talent Debate

Do you have a hobby?

Something that you do in your leisure time for pleasure?

Have you ever thought about making money from it?

A lot of people worry that if they turn their hobby into a way to make a living, they will begin to hate their hobby.

Very possible.

Here’s what I think:

What’s more important is to turn your talent into a way to make a living.  A hobby is only one expression of a talent.  It’s pursued for pleasure, not necessarily for money.

But your talent – your talent can be expressed in many different forms.  And it’s most powerful as an orientation for a career when it’s combined with your interests, preferences and knowledge.  That’s when you’ve captured the big picture.

That’s what I think.  What do you think?

2 Responses to “The Great Hobby/Talent Debate”

  1. I agree completely. I have always, always pursued my interests – even if there wasn’t a ton of money in it at the beginning. It didn’t matter – as long as I was engaged in my work and happy to go do it. This ‘strategy’ has never back-fired. In fact, it has always landed me in a really great place and the money has always followed. It is a great joy to do work that genuinely interests me, and which I feel uses all (or most) of my talents. Sometimes I have to pinch myself….

  2. Hi Nicole -
    Your talent and great attitude show up in everything you do!
    Don’t pinch too hard!!!

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