The Death of Meaningful Work

I woke up in a slight panic at 3 am this morning.

The questions running through my head were, “Has this down economy scared everyone so much that they’re abandoning their dream of doing meaningful work? Are we witnessing the slow death of meaningful work?”

I know that seems alarmist (as do most thoughts at 3 am!)  - but I’m worried about this.

A large percentage of people that I talk to (and believe me, I talk to A LOT of people about their career) tell me that although the traditional job search is yielding few, if any, results — they’re not ready to try a different approach.  Sometimes I hear that they think they should just be grateful to have any kind of a job at all. That it’s too risky to pursue work that’s a perfect fit to their talents, interests, values, and the difference they want to make in the world.

Yikes!  Here’s the truth:  I work one-on-one with about 60 people a year (you know who you are and you know how much I love you!)  These folks are determined to go for the gusto – to find the work that fits them like a glove and that will be personally and financially meaningful.  After they launch into their new careers, they tell me that they are happier than they’ve ever been.  That their relationships are stronger.  That they love Mondays.  That they’re making more money. That they’re pursuing long-lost hobbies once again.  That they’re better mothers and fathers.

I’ve recorded their stories, and will be sharing them with you in the upcoming weeks.  Believe me, you will be inspired!

Oh, and please, please, please ask yourself this one question:  Am I a part of the death of meaningful work, or am I on team “going for the gusto!”


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