The Bad Idea Parade

Are you ever afraid to have bad ideas?

Well, you just might want to get over it!

I read recently that it can take hundreds of bad ideas to uncover one Truly Great Idea.

(Sounds a little like dating, doesn’t it?)

You want to have good ideas, don’t you? ┬áI know that I do. ┬áRecently, it seems I’ve been mastering the art of having bad ideas! Once you get used to it, it’s not so bad!

Seems pretty obvious what needs to be done here…

Let’s have a parade for our bad ideas!

Share one of your most recent bad ideas by commenting below.

Together – we’ll celebrate one more marching-band-sized-step to your next Truly Great Idea!

Wooooo Hooooooo!!!!!

2 Responses to “The Bad Idea Parade”

  1. I’ll get the parade rolling…
    Recently, I wrote a class description that included the phrase “for mid-life women.”
    The last thing mid-life women want to be reminded of is that they are in mid-life!
    Sheesh….that was a bad idea!

  2. This is a tough one because I believe ALL my ideas are good ideas. However, some do have bad results. One that comes to mind is when a Realtor gave me about 25 packets of information to hand out…it was way more than I needed and, since they have a cost to them, I “thought” it would be good to return some to him. Apparently not. He stopped returning my calls and replaced me on his website with another lender. Hmmm….maybe that was a good idea after all. Who wants to work with someone that petty anyway.

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