Sometimes "You're Out!" — Even When You're Playing it Safe!

When I was a kid I loved playing softball.

My Dad taught me to “anticipate the play.” To try to figure out what I would do in any given situation on the field. If the ball came to me, would I throw it to first? Depended on whether runners were on any of the other bases.

I was pretty good at this defensively, but on offense, I tended to play it safe. Knowing that I was not much of a runner, I would always anticipate that if I took a risk, I would probably get tagged out. What I didn’t take into the equation was whether the defending player was any good!

I’m pretty sure that I often played it safe when I didn’t have to, because I was only looking at one piece of information and not the whole picture.

Not long ago, I was teaching a career class and a student actually said, “Well, I think I’ll play it safe for the next five years. I mean, I’ll be bored, but, oh well…”

My response now is the same as it was when he said it: Are you sure the safest thing to do is just stay where you are? What if making a move now would ensure that your team wins in the end? You can’t score a run if you stay on first base the whole time! And if you don’t run when you have to, you’ll be out anyway…

Are there any ways in which you’re “playing it safe?”
Maybe it’s time to make a break for it…
Home plate might just be closer than you think!

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