My Career Epiphany

People have been asking me to share a bit about my own personal career epiphany. So here goes…

I like to tell people that I “escaped professional misery” in 1997.

But believe me, it was a long road getting there!

After graduating from college, I struggled to find a professional job. Eventually, through a temporary help service, I landed in a giant of a high tech company.

I rose through the ranks to a great job as a sales rep – making good money – but I wasn’t happy. I had no interest in the products I was selling (truthfully, I didn’t even understand them completely!) I never felt comfortable doing the things that were required for me to be successful. My boss was more interested in seeing my sales numbers than in seeing my face. So, thinking it might be just the company I worked for, I tried the same job in another company. And naturally, the situation wasn’t any better. So I tried again, and got the same results! Something just wasn’t working here…

I began reading all the career development books I could get my hands on. It took nearly 10 years of trying to figure it out on my own before I went to a career consultant.

And then…nirvana!

I was able to get a clear view of work that would be ideal for me.
After a little while of tweaking things, I discovered career coaching and knew immediately it was exactly what I’d been looking for.

I was fascinated with the kinds of discussions my work required. I could work from home, and that was the perfect situation given that I was the mother of two young children. The training I participated in fed my curiosity. The freedom of creating a business from scratch matched my independent nature.

In a very short time, I went from dreading Monday morning to feeling as though my professional life was effortless and fascinating.

It’s been 13 years, and every day I can honestly say that I’m happy in my work. Thus… I want the same thing for you. I just don’t want it to take you as long as it took me. And that’s why I’ve written this for you. And that’s why I run workshops and provide lots of other tools to help people just like you escape your version of professional misery. If I could do it – I know you can, too.

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