Is Talk Cheap – or a Pot of Gold?

People, in general, do a lot of talking. But are they really saying anything?

I just got off the phone with a client who casually began a sentence with, “Thich Nhat Hahn talks about being a warrior…”


If someone began a sentence like that with your name, what would they say you talk about?

I believe that what we talk about reflects, almost always, one of our core personal values.  Even when we think we’re joking or kidding around…

This makes me doubt that talk is cheap.  Ever.  Even if it costs us nothing to talk, we may be giving and deriving great value. Sharing our pot of gold…

Perhaps what you find yourself talking about is a big clue to one of the aspects of your perfect work.  What if you started listening to yourself with that intention?

Love to hear your thoughts on this one…your comments shared below will prove that your talk isn’t cheap…

Besides — March 17th is a always a great day for sharing your pot of gold!

2 Responses to “Is Talk Cheap – or a Pot of Gold?”

  1. Great post. Got me thinking. I talk *alot* about my cats and what I’m creating right now or next. When I put that in perspective…I don’t seem so crazy, I seem focused on what is important to me and what drives me everyday of my life. Thanks, Jen for that pot of gold.

  2. Just got back from giving my luncheon talk on “The Who of You”. It went well – and I was able to talk my walk; and also able to walk my talk. I met some delightful people, some of who know people I used to work with, others who are interested in bringing more of the “who” back into the business environment. My talk was cheap – I got a free lunch – but based on the questions asked, I got paid in gold.

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