Dust Bunny Dreams

It’s a beautiful, warm, and sunny pre-spring day in Portland, OR

I fling open my doors and windows to encourage the cleansing breeze.

Like a really bad horror movie, I turn in slow motion, just-in-time to see…

The world’s largest tumbleweed of a dust bunny come rolling out from underneath my beautifully handcarved Hope Chest.

The symbolism cannot be ignored!

Bear in mind that I’m actually not the world’s worst housekeeper.  I keep things relatively tidy (relative to how busy I am doing things that I actually enjoy.)

No, there’s a bigger point here:

I just have to ask you….

Do you have any great big dreams that are hiding out and gathering dust underneath your hope chest?

If so, what are they?  The more people who share, the more likely we are to encourage each other to round-up those tumbleweed sized dust bunny dreams and make them come true!

Take a moment now to share by commenting.  We’ll all be glad you did!!

Wait!  Don’t leave without sharing your dream…

Ahhhhh…that’s better!

7 Responses to “Dust Bunny Dreams”

  1. OK – I’ll get it started. My Dust Bunny Dream is to write a book. The universe has been pushing me in this direction again. Hmmmm……..

  2. I still want to be an Olympic athlete! But since Body Pump is currently not an Olympic event I will settle for being a Body Pump Trainer!

  3. oh and just case anyone is wondering what body pump is… http://www.lesmills.com/southeast/en/members/bodypump/bodypump-group-fitness-program.aspx

  4. Ah, yes. My dream – my big vision – I want to blog and have thousands of followers. And turn my blogs into several books, along with comments from my followers – assuming any of them will leave any comments there. And, be a worldclass coach on what I blog about.

    Oh, can I have two dust bunnies (because I have a feeling I am not the world’s best housekeeper)? I also want to play alot with my hubby in the land of the sun.


  5. You can have as many dust bunnies as you want!!!!

  6. I would love to offer a variety of workshops-self-confidence for girls and moms, self-care and wellbeing tools, energy healing for your pets, how to heal even after you’ve been “cured”…..Traveling worldwide with these ideas, ah, that would be the cherry on the top!

  7. Hi Darlene -
    Nice to “meet” you!
    Love your wonderfully expressed dream!
    Happy to be supporting you in any way I can…

    Hi Georgia -
    You are on your way to it all!

    Hi Violet -
    Pump it up, baby!

    Coach Jen

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