Do You Need A Creativity Booster Shot?

When I was a kid I dreaded going to the doctor for one simple reason:

It always seemed like I needed a shot for something.  The worst were the ones they gave in the “hip.”  Sadists.

The last shot I received was tetanus after a car accident.  Even though the accident was pretty gnarly – a repeated rollover down an embankment – I think it’s ironic that the pain from the shot was far worse than anything from the accident.

I hate to say it, but I think it’s time for another shot…

A Creativity Booster Shot!

I think it’s far too easy to settle into a mode of “business as usual.”  Just get stuff done and, well, be done with it already.

But where is the art in that?  Where is the beauty?  Where is the sense of pride in a job well done, if it’s just, well, done…rather than “well done!”

Can you find the “you” in most of your work?

If not, it’s time to figure out…

How can you give yourself a creativity booster shot?

I promise…you don’t have to take it in the hip…

Please – share your ideas!

3 Responses to “Do You Need A Creativity Booster Shot?”

  1. Nicely stated. I find myself, even in the process of creativity, going through the motions. When I find myself in that place, I know that I have disconnected and I’m not a part of the design any more…worse…I’m out the moment. Maybe I’m tried or just needing a break, sort of a gear shift.
    Staying in the moment keeps me connected to inspiration and that flow of creativity. Stay present and in the moment…always.
    Easy to say. At times harder to do.

  2. This week I’ve started utilizing lists so that my head space is free from clutter that blocks my creativity. Who knew it would make such a huge difference for me? Yay!

  3. Thanks Ladies! My creativity booster shot is to read the work of other highly creative people. I have a few blogs that I subscribe to because the bloggers have such a different way of looking at the world.
    Thinking about something altogether different – like the lyrics of a song or a cartoon often inspires me to tap into my creativity, too!

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